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Content Marketing can be defined as "a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience who, in turn, will drive profitable customer action.


This is the primary product and should consist of 2 hours worth of filming with a comprehensive view on the subject matter.

Can be presented as a Master Class, Program or Seminar

Pricing around $1000

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PRODUCT #2  - Part Content 

This product is a section, approx half of the Primary Content Pillar.

Mini Course, Worshop

Pricing around $500

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PRODUCT #3  - Digital Book 

This product is developed from the transcription of the Audio file of the Primary Content Pillar.

Digital e-book

Pricing - Free

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PRODUCT #4  - Podcast 

This product is also delveloped from the Audio of the Primary Content Pillar, taking out 6 or so of the highlights

Shorter audio files to be used on Podcast.

Using Anchor.com you can add jingles and other effects you now have your first show with content.

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PRODUCT #5  - Thumbnail Drive

This product is a section, approx half of the Primary Content Pillar.

Audio files of the book spoken out loud by the Author

Pricing - Use as a bonus. Think of as extending the Brand

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PRODUCT #6  - Interviews with Experts in Field

This product can be developed from the Podcast.

Audio/Video files

Pricing - Use as a bonus.

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PRODUCT #7  - Media Report

This product should be developed keeping in mind it will form the basis of all the advertising and so very much with a focus on the client Avatar.

Document, use for facebook ads, always test different places and different ad copy because no one in any advertising actually knows which is going to work.... until you test it.

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PRODUCT #8  - Platinum Bundle

This product consists of All The Above!

Master Class plus everything else, life time access to Master info and Facebook group

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Platinum Product 

Product #6

Interviews with Experts

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Audio in sections

Product #5

Audio Book

Product #3

Digital Book

Product #2


Product #4

Audio in sections

Product #1

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Product #7

Media Report

Facebook Ads

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Facebook Group

Lifetime Acess


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